Will AutoCron be forever free?

AutoCron is currently in pre-beta phase, and it is currently free to sign up for and to use AutoCron. We’ll eventually begin to charge once AutoCron is launched.  At launch, we’ll likely have 3 different plans, of which, one of the plan will be free. We are targeting a full retail launch in June 2019.

Will AutoCron delete my notes?

AutoCron will never delete your notes. For that matter, it will also not delete your tags or notebooks. The only thing AutoCron can do is

  1. Move your notes to another notebook
  2. Tag your notes

Do you store my notes?

AutoCron doesn’t store your notes. We connect to your Evernote account through Evernote API and notes, tags or notebooks from your Evernote account is never stored on our servers.

Can I discontinue AutoCron’s link to my Evernote account?

Yes, you can do that at anytime. You can force a disconnection from inside your AutoCron account, or you can revoke AutoCron’s access to your Evernote account from Evernote!

How do I sign up?

It is free to sign up today.